The year is 2388…

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14 years ago, the last great conflict of the Alpha Quadrant came to a close with the liberation of Cardassia. The armadas of the two greatest alliances in histories of the known galaxy clashed inside the Dominion War. With the smoke of battle gone, there was more death and destruction either alliance had seen on scale few could understand. Despite the fields of death, there was something else in the air.

In the wake of victory, many things changed. The Klingon Empire renewed the Khitomer Accords with the Federation and added the Romulan Star Empire. The Federation created and negotiated several new treaties with both. Surprisingly the Romulan Star Empire opened its borders and openly begins to negotiate and travel beyond its self-imposed iron curtain. The emotional energy and open trust created a new era of peace and diplomacy, which saw an expansion in all areas of culture and understanding for all.

In this atmosphere of cooperation, Federation Engineer Franz Wilson submitted a new starbase design to Starfleet High Command. Harmony Station as he called it, a symbol of peace for all quadrates.

The station designed around the three major ideals of each faction of the Alpha Alliance. Wilson worked closely with Engineers from both other fractions during the Dominion war, coming to an understand much of their Technology and Engineer principles. The lessons of the Dominion war made their way into the final design as well.

The design was passed back forth between admirals, generals, politicians, and clandestine forces. Eventually, a new design was created and the official Harmony Station Class was approved to be built. This station would require each of the races to deploy, develop and build one-third of the Starbase. A point where the three forces of the alliance meet were chosen and construction began in 2377.

In the three years of its construction, Unity Project as it was called, the station was nearly completed. Harmony Station was built to be, as Counselor Martok dubbed it, a "Pa'Roj" or a Fortress of Peace. Security forces of the great powers of the Alpha Alliance were to staff the station and to have it serve as a point of meeting between all planets and all peoples of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants with it standing on the Doorway to the reaches of the unexplored Beta and Delta Quadrants.

However, in the years that followed the start of Project Unity, the time has changed much of the Galaxy. Passions have cooled, a generation raised in the shadow of the wars of yesterday struggle with the future promises of tomorrow. Rebuilding Cardassia has become a nightmare of resources and political struggles. The Ferengi Alliance and its market are in upheaval after Grand Nagus Rom imposed new socio-economic laws. The Federation is still trying to heal the scars left by the Dominion. The Klingons are restless after nearly a decade of peace. A generation after the greatest war that ever was while the memory and retellings are by song of heroes. The Romulan Empire is still struggling with its Xenophobic pass while overture from outside forces is seen as sensuous actions. All while the Dominion continues to promise a better way for many systems then any of the Alpha Alliance can or will.

And now the dream of Harmony Station is falling apart as the galaxy unravels, or will Harmony be the last, best hope for galactic peace.

A Fortress of Peace

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